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Accurant has received the CLIA certificate in Sep 2021, is now officially a CLIA-certified Lab (GLP/GCP).


Immunohistochemical staining (a.k.a. immunohistochemistry, IHC) refers to an antibody binding fluorescent chemicals or coloring. IHC utilizes immunological principle of antigen and antibody between the specific binding reaction to detect whether the cells or tissues have the target antigen. This method can not only be used to measure the amount of expression of the antigen, but also to observe the position of the antigen. As long as the substance cab bind antibodies, antigenic substances (proteins, nucleic acids, polysaccharides, pathogens, etc.) can be detected with IHC.

  • DAKO
    • CLIA Cerification (ongoing, under NJ state review)
    • Our IHC service is currently under state review. In early Aug 2021, we have passed PD L1 PT evaluation by CAP by 100% matching.
  • Leica Bond III

Accurant has officially received the CLIA certification, making Accurant Biotech a GLP/GCP lab with full clinical diagnostic capability. We have been working with board-certified CLIA lab director and pathologists and we are looking to provide the industry-lead clinical service.



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Board Certified Lab Director & Pathologists

Proficiency Test (P53 & PD-L1)